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Young Champs

Young Champs is the charitable arm of G Tennis. Since covid we have been fundraising to so we can bring Tennis to ALL of our local community. Tennis is not accessible to large sections of society and especially performance Tennis. We aim to find pathways for kids to thrive and have funded 1 local girl from the estate to get to a level where she now plays for Surrey.

Now we have our own charity we can further this project and grow the programme. For more information please get in touch with us at:

Young Champs: About Me

Young Champs in numbers...


Free hours delivered in 2023


Over 250 kids have received free coaching (minimum 6 hours).


Inner city kids taken on holiday.


Over £25000 raised since 2021.


Young adults completed their LTA level 1 coaching for free.


Children received a free racket.


Girls supported/funded to help get into the Surrey County Squad.


Private lessons delivered for FREE.


People had a free curry!

Young Champs: Infographics
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