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Chris from G-Tennis has worked at Ashmole School running an after school club for KS2 pupils for over 2 years.  Chris has a great rapport with the pupils and ensures that the sessions are fun and engaging.  Pupils have developed a genuine enjoyment of tennis and, following coaching session with Chris, several pupils have returned from inter-school tennis competitions with gold medals and trophies!  Chris liaises well with school staff and ensures that the session are well managed

Adam Hickman - Head Ashmole Primary, Oval.

Chris has been delivering Tennis club for well over a year at Reay. With a group of 16 children aged under 8, he manages to keep the children moving and involved from the get go. There’s always a wide range of activities based around the key skills for tennis: balance, agility, forehand, volley and serve. Everyone is busy! It has proved to be a fantastic way for the children to start the day, they’ve had fun, learnt some new skills and go into lessons with more focus. We also now have a Tennis Champion on our hands at Reay, the Year 3/4 Boys Champion!

Nicola Curran, Teacher & P.E leader, Reay Primary

I joined G-Tennis to get more exercise doing something that's genuinely fun! The sessions are brilliant - lots of matchplay technique as well as buddying up with other players to rally in singles or some doubles action. Chris and Catherine are great hosts, keeping us all moving and working hard, whilst making sure everyone's developing their tennis skills along the way. Highly recommended!

Pheobe, Adult at Larkhall Park

Chris has been coaching my son for about 4 years now. He creates such a fun environment for all abilities and ages and really brings out some great tennis in all of them. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity or to take your child’s tennis to a more competitive level, I wholeheartedly recommend Chris and his team

Ruth, Hambleden

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