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G Sports Consultancy

Having had a lot of success in the industry, winning national awards and producing players that have reached both county and professional level, we are available to help and advise you and your club in how to grow your programme, generate income whilst being inclusive and enhance your reputation. For more information or to book a consultation please get in touch.

A quote from David Lloyd:

''I think it's truly fantastic to see a community-led tennis business being run in such a socially conscious way and inspiring the next generation of tennis players. The team has shown tennis can be a sport accessible to everyone, no matter your background. Not only are the team offering affordable, accessible tennis for all, but they are generating quality players demonstrated by the success of the girls making the U9's Surrey squad. It's a great initiative to support and I hope everyone gets behind them during Wimbledon fortnight and beyond.’'


Gavid Vickers - 

“a big thank you to Chris from G Tennis for the invaluable insight and inspiration provided to make a change in this area”.

mike herd Tennis.jpeg

Mike Herd - 

“Thanks for a great workshop. You have given me lots of great 

ideas and I’m really looking forward to putting this into action for 2024”.

tennis works.png

John Cavill - 

"Inspired by Chris last week I thought I’d drop a local children’s charity an email and they have said they are keen to meet so hoping to get something off the ground next year!”

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