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Click below to sign up for our free Friday 12pm session at Larkhall Park on March 18th 🎾🇺🇦

HiTT (high intensity Tennis training) is our new version of Cardio Tennis.  The aim of the session is to hit lots of balls, practise Tennis specific movement patterns and footwork, whilst burning lots of calories. We use coaching aids to help your technique and play fun games.

G Tennis are offering HiTT for schools as a great way for children and teenagers to get active whilst improving coordination and ball sense.

HiTT is for EVERYONE!  Whether you are Roger Federer or a complete beginner you can enjoy the class.  All we ask is you push yourself and try as hard as you can!


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Tennis is a great way to do lots of steps and have fun. We use a slightly softer ball, (not as soft as regular cardio Tennis) so still very competitive but easier if you are new to playing.  We have coaching aids to help you learn how to hit the ball, as well as lots of Tennis specific movement patterns to help you improve your speed around the court.

We focus on upper body, lower body and core too.  The different elements have carefully been thought out to also help with your Tennis fitness needs too. We use kettle bells, resistance bands and mats unlike a lot of other cardio Tennis classes.

HiTT is a great way to have fun in your workout and learn something new.  A great way to give Tennis a go for the 1st time or get back into playing if it has been a while since you picked a racket up.  Daily prizes available for the most steps done in the class (pedometers provided).

"I was dragged along to a HiTT class under duress as I hate fitness classes but honestly had a really good time.  I was tricked into having a workout!  Due to the nature of only spending a short time doing the strength part, physiologically I got through it knowing it was only a few minutes before I got to play Tennis again.  The coaches were great and always wanting to offer tips to help my game too.  I would definitely recommend"  Luke Buxton, London. 

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